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She knew that the bus driver had seen her sneak away from the schoolyard, so, when she came back just before the end of classes, he let her know that she better be nice with him if she didn’t want to get in trouble.

Suck it good and I won’t tell you missed school

Time: 24:34
This little slut is in a panic because she’s just been caught blowing the football captain in the locker room in she knows that her puritan father will severely punish her if he learns about it.

Don’t tell my dad please, he’ll kill me

Time: 20:28
She boasted that she was the school’s blowjob expert and she’s now coerced to prove it to any new cummer - even the guys with masks and cock-rings.

Deepthroat my anonymous cock you little bitch

Time: 23:32
It was so exciting to watch this little baby demurely rubbing her clit with her lollipop that the guy couldn’t hold back his load and shot it all over her pussy and flavoured the lollypop with jizz.

Gee sir! You’ve cummed on my lollypop

Time: 19:27
This humiliated barely legal baby let the neighbour tie her up for fun, but her young pussy wasn’t ready for such abuse.

Mr. Murphy, this is too much...

Time: 16:22
It can be a fun fantasy to cover a girl’s face with her panties and cumming in her face through a leg hole. However, staining them can lead to trouble when mom does the laundry.

If you stain my panties mommy will know

Time: 20:28
This baby sitter soon realized that her shift wasn’t over when the dad came home alone with a hard-on in his pants. His desire was so overpowering she didn’t have a choice to learn sucking fast.

Was it good Mister? I did my best

Time: 17:24
The school’s blowjob queen had been told that the janitor had a monster cock and she absolutely wanted to add it to her list. She had never thought a man’s tool could be so big.s

Wow Mr. Brown it hardly fits in my mouth

Time: 20:29
When this naughty schoolgirl swallowed her first load, she found it so tasty that she wanted to have more jizz in her mouth right away.

That tastes great mister, can I have more

Time: 21:29
This girl had invited a school friend to review for an exam, but she should have known that she was dressed much too sexy for him to concentrate on academics.

Now bitch enough teasing, spread your thighs

Time: 22:32
When her teacher told her after class that she had failed her exam and would be expelled from school she offered him the best she had… a virgin pussy.

I'm 18, I swear Mr. Peters!

Time: 14:19
When this schoolgirl realized she was cornered in the can by two obviously horny studs, she got scared; and a little excited also.

Skeezy janitors found her skipping class

Time: 20:29
These two slutty schoolgirls are in detention because they’ve been caught sucking boys during the morning break. However they knew they could get the monitor to release them early if they let him fuck them.

It’s my turn now Mr. Jones

Time: 13:19
Stacy needed one final good grade to avoid flunking her math class. Mr. Steve was more than happy to give her what she needed in exchange for a good cock milking.

Mr. Steve, what I gotta do for a good grade?

Time: 22:32
This nasty little bitch thought she could tease without risk, but she soon found out that these two guys intended her to deliver what she promised, right there in the parked school bus.

Abused teen’s slit oozing jizz

Time: 15:22
Tracy was always a bit kinky. But Kyle never knew she'd go as far as to want to get ass fucked while her face was underwater in order to get off.

Are you wet yet bitch?

Time: 11:16
This hussy thought she’d be treated as a princess but she better realize that she’s first of all a sex object and that if a guy wants to put a dildo in her cunt while her fucks her ass, she’ s got to learn to like it.

Please, not both holes at the same time

Time: 20:28
Her mom thinks that she’s still an innocent little girl, but this baby vixen has already learned the pleasures of sex even if she’d like to keep her parents unaware of that.

If you don’t tell my mom, I’ll swallow

Time: 19:27
This little hussy had accepted to suck and fuck the school bus driver in return for not snitching on her, but didn’t

You weren’t supposed to put it in my ass Mr. Jones

Time: 25:36
Well, little slut it’s because he wants to get it ready for his big cock. When a young whore like you accepts to let and older man play with her body, she has to be ready for everything.

Why do you put a finger in my ass sir?

Time: 19:27
This naughty schoolgirl loves to give glimpses of her panties to the boys, but when a girl wants a peak, she spreads and lets her play with her wet pussy.

Don’t tear my panties, my mom might find out

Time: 22:32
After learning the essentials of cock sucking, this little slut experiences her first facial. It sure surprises these young strumpets when a dick first spurts in their face.

Take my load bitch, it’s good for your skin

Time: 22:31
He knew is niece was a little horny slut who fucks all the boys around. So he offered her an I-pad if she’d let him teach her some new tricks. Maybe she wasn’t quite ready for this one!

Oh! Uncle Max, you put it in my ass

Time: 18:25
Tender teen babe thought her first fuck would be great, but when this well-hung stud penetrated her she realized that her fingering and little toys hadn’t made her twat ready for a real stallion.

Virgin pussy destroyed by massive cock

Time: 19:27
This brunette lost her phone and couldn’t tell that to her dad. So, when this guy saw her crying, he offered to give her a new one in exchange for her sweet pussy.

I've never done anything like this before

Time: 21:29
This slut kept talking about how she could easily handle two cocks at the same time. These guys got her to prove it.

Schoolgirl gets what she deserves from two cocks

Time: 24:34
Some schoolgirls will do just about anything to get a passing grade, but no teacher wants anybody to know that he got a blowjob in return for such grades.

Now don’t tell anybody or you’ll be in deep shit

Time: 24:34
This juvenile slut found ass fucking a bit painful at first, but once pleasure took over from pain she was amazed to discover how delightful this dilatation can be.

Look Mr. Watson, my asshole is twitching

Time: 20:29
This schoolgirl was thrilled when proposed to be blind folded for a guessing game. Didn’t take her long to guess what was pushing her lips open. Now she’s gotta learn to swallow!

Make me cum now you little slut

Time: 16:22
When these two young floozies were sent to detention for misbehaving, they just knew they had to find a way to be out of it very soon if they wanted to hide their bad behavior to their parents.

We’ll make you cum if you let us go, sir

Time: 20:29
This young butt hole just got an intense pounding. It hurt like hell in the beginning, but once filled with jizz it feelt a lot better.

I heard I can't get pregnant if you cum in my ass

Time: 25:35
After teasing some boys, these flirty teens thought they could escape to the school bus, but the driver was away and they had to deliver.

Hey guys! Let’s bang those cock-teasers

Time: 20:28